lauantai 11. kesäkuuta 2011



Haven't written in over a week, but lots of stuff have happened! I graduated, summer started (still got a week to go at work, though)

First of all, I want to introduce you to my new 'pet':


I was at a market in Uusikaupunki today, there was an Estonian woman selling these, they we're all handmade and unique, I instantly fell in love with this one XD She mostly sold pigs and spiders, but there were some other animals too. We also went swimming with my niece and my parents, the weather was fantastic! (although there was some thundering)

Isn't he cute?? (I decided it's a he..)

The woman said that the spider can take a weight of 200kg. This is going to be my footstool when I get my own apartment in a few months XD

I graduated from high school! Everything went just as planned, the weather was great and I had a fun time at my party.

I really liked my dress! Whee~

The best thing about the beginning of summer is asparagus. We grow our own, and nothing tastes better than fresh asparagus straight from our yard. Eat it with some butter and parmesan-cheese, yum!

Errr, I found this growing, I wonder what had happened?

The obligatory drawing I'm trying to have in every blog post XD

Have a nice day!


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  1. mit mit! O_O herrrra varjele se on iso hämyri! luulin et ostit jonkin pienen vaan mut wou toi o iso XD

  2. En tiedä kuinka tänne eksyin, mutta ihan kiva blogi sulla ! :D