lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2011

Time to relax

Because I promised myself I wouldn't do a post without a drawing:

(Also, I still haven't found my graduation dress - I haven't even been looking for it, haha.)

The last week has been a very stressy and busy one - so I've had no time to update. Now I can again! I feel very relaxed now and finally feel I have time for my personal stuff.

My entrance exam to the media programme in Tampere was on Tuesday. I think I've never stressed as much before, and I don't really know if it made my performance better or worse, lol. I spent the previous evening alone at the city relaxing at the hotel - some sushi and a movie, what could be better?

I'm on a traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain! I like trains. I usually just sit the whole journey and look at the pretty houses outside 8)

This week is my official SUSHI week! I ate sushi three times this week, oh my. Today we did some ourself (so much cheaper!) and I think we counted 95 maki + about 10 nigiri. (I still can't cut fish properly). I've been doing sushi regularly for the past 2 years or so, it's kind of our "special" thing we do with my boyfriend :) And I learn something new everytime!


We made maki from salmon, tuna and cucumber. This time we kept it simple!

- Minna

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