sunnuntai 8. toukokuuta 2011

Mother's day

I'ts been a very sunny and warm sunday - a perfect one to spend mother's day!
I spent the whole afternoon at my sister's, I drew a card for mom and had a nice time with my nieces :)

My 8-month-old niece had fun on the swing

Here's the card I made for mom, there's all of us "children" in the picture :)

And here's how it looked finished =) I used a 0,7mm mechanical pencil, it took about 3 hours to make.

My sister made a delicious cake with lots of strawberries!

Have a nice day :)

2 kommenttia:

  1. Aw Anni on maailman söpöin tossa kuvassa.
    Toi piirros on mahtava ja kaikki lapset tunnistettavissa, Laura on eniten ittensä näkönen!

  2. hihii kiitos! saatan käydä vielä muokkaamassa noita näkösemmäks jos on jaksamusta :D