maanantai 25. huhtikuuta 2011


A 4-day holiday really did the trick to boost my inspiration into finishing a large piece (See at the end of post) and draw some new stuff.

A quick speed paint, testing out drawing without lines (I want to do more!):

Here's a part of my invitation I'm sending out for my graduation party. The whole invitation has a speech bubble that has info.

And finally - I got this finished! I never remember to take screenshots while I work, but here's a 3-step WIP of the process. (Slapping down those base colors was really a drag... >_>)
I hope to print this out at a size of 40cm x 40cm or such, and I might even start a new picture with the same style! I'd really like this one and a winter one next to each other. Hope you like it, I really enjoyed making it.

Byes, have a nice and sunny day!

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